Pottery Foundation: Level 3

Young Potters (Clay school)

Foundation level 3 concentrates on developing the skills, technical knowledge and confidence needed for dedicated self-practice in a studio environment.

The January course is dedicated to Wheel throwing. You will improve your practice and learn more about the properties of clay and glaze, how to recycle and the principles of firing work. You will train on the equipment typically found in a pottery studio so that you can use it safely and effectively. You will also move from a fully taught environment to a guided practice environment where the tutor will work with you to advise and guide you as you make your own work at your own pace.

Foundation level 3 is aimed at people who want to improve their skills and approaches, develop a home practice or want to join our Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop studio. Edinburgh Ceramics Workshop members can supply their own materials for this course. If you are not an ECW member then we will provide you with materials. The tutor will introduce you to clay and glaze types and suppliers and to our ECW materials shop.

Your work will be ready for collection three weeks after your last class. This gives us time to dry and glaze fire your work. Due to current Covid restrictions, please see our website for collection dates and times.

Foundation level 3 classes are in 10 -week blocks with two dedicated three hour self practice sessions included. The course costs £325 with materials and firing costs included.

Dates and Bookings