SQA certificate and Intermediate Pottery class: Level 2

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This combined techniques course is studied over 30 weeks and is designed to encourage creative experimentation and to refine and experiment with the techniques developed on previous courses.

You will design and write your own creative brief and use that starting point as your primary inspiration for the duration of the course.

The brief can center on functional of sculptural ceramics or both. Your tutor will guide you through this creative process.

You can opt for a given brief given to you by the teaching team if you want to.

This course builds on all your prior learning. It’s all about getting deeply creative, researching and experimenting new ceramic pathways, and using these to build creative and exciting functional and sculptural work in clay.

This course is delivered over two 15-week terms and costs £390 per term. Fees can be paid in two installments. The fee also includes two three hours self practice session per month in the studio.

Firing costs and certification are also included and we will supply some clay but most students spread their wings and buy more specialist materials to support their practice.

To be eligible for this course you will need to have completed SQA or Intermediate level 1 or be at that level of creative and technical practice.

This course encourages self-exploration through a combination of teaching and self-practice.

You are encouraged to work on one brief for the duration of the course. This is a discipline in itself and forces you to be creative even when you think you have come upon a blind avenue.

This course is designed to take you the level you need to be self-practicing as an intermediate ceramicist in any studio.

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